G’Day World #71

Ranting tonight about GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, George Clooney’s new film (executive produced by Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s company, 2929 Productions) and how the message of the film relates to podcasting. For a proper review of the movie, check out tonight’s episode of The Movie Show.

G’Day World #70 – Mark Knower, Open Family Australia (13 Jan 2006)

ark Knower is the National Development Coordinator of Open Family Australia, an organisation started in 1978 by Father Bob Maguire. Their mission:

To improve the well-being and self-worth of alienated and excluded street children through unconditional support, whenever and wherever necessary, with the view to reconnecting them with the community.

Mark and I talk about the size of the homelessness problem with Aussie kids (the 2001 census suggests about 26,000 kids don’t have a regular place to sleep) and what each of us can do about it to help.

Yeah I know – it ain’t about technology. Listen anyway. You guys should all be thinking about how you give something back. Even if you don’t live in Australia, I hope you’ll find some inspiration in what Mark has to say.

G’Day World #69 – Podcast Prediction from Alex and Neil at Audacious

On this show I’m joined by Alex and Neil from Audacious Communications who, according to their website, are:

a creative communications agency that blends the power of online social media, podcasting, blogging and vcasting with the skills of professional public relations and organisational communication.

They recently made ten bold prediction for podcasting in 2006 and I was interested to learn a little bit more about the science behind their research methodology…

G’Day World #68 – Alex Laats, Podzinger

G’Day World #68 (MP3 – 8.8MB – 24min)


Alex Laats, the CEO of Podzinger, joins me today to talk about the launch of their new podcast search service. As you know, I’ve been pretty skeptical about the value of these podcast “speech-to-text” services in the past, but I think today Alex was able to convince me of their worth.

However, their service is currently designed to recognize only North American accents, so it HATES this show. 🙂

Check out a part of its transcription of a recent episode:

Series: ThePodcastNetwork :: G’day World
Episode: G?Day World #66 (05 Jan 2006) –

0:00:49 … Tonight world it’s those die in the fifth to january two dissident seeks on is cameron room And That annoying laugh is — …

0:04:06 … month mostly — because the — is — little around the world — — nigel But this is a good but this is with mindful that some this good stuff and is going …

0:07:12 … effort he greeted And with you know making everywhere in the world shoot themselves the science on pathologist who norton and i would do that many councils all the melissa bell logistics will …

0:14:39 … have on lettuce diet — — — who is massively — world will — Does a fugitive publicity could knight — to since the beginning back into — full amar remember we have much — — one of the very rarely — effect i think he maud had been the first into view we have to deed on tonight world The First like — like proper interview we have had mike’s serial arsonist and a bunch of things biloxi is a — models now back in the suits meats like nominees And but NEA’s massive world war craft knox has been C d.s and i’m — have been nice if a peninsula Put costs war world war crops and and it’s not only on the guy but i’m also really interested in sort of the mid to …

0:18:02 … say — — of us anymore war — — a virtual worlds my kids fought and i can easily — house announced a diet but let them in sought to gamblers on the next box But — you know that’s not really leaving in virtual world and having sexual economies all that stuff About The that was an interesting piece knees mom is so little bit more …

Now, I know I can talk shit sometimes, but hopefully I make a little more sense than this. But, of course, most of the podcasts out there come from North America, so it’s a good business decision and Alex assures me they are working on other languages, including other regional English accents and Chinese.

G’Day World #67 – Scott Johnson talks Ookles and Feedster

Scott Johnson, blogger, self-described “serial entrepreneur”, founder of Feedster (which he resigned from December 15th) and co-founder of the new site Ookles, joins me today for a chat about life. We talk about his background prior to Feedster, some lessons in entrepreneurialism, and how Ookles got started.

Thanks also to Michael Air, Scott’s new business partner, for the intro.

G’Day World #66 (05 Jan 2006)

A new year needs a new format. This show is a little more “newsy” than usual. Not a rant show. Not an interview show. But we’ll still have those, don’t fret my poppets.

· T CAMPBELL’S laugh from Meanwhile The Comics Podcast
· Matt, Freak and The Fatboy – random xmas calls and Satan

· Geeks of Hazzard – God and Satan chat about TPN
· Tech.memeorandum news of the day
>> No Google PC
>> The Second Life prison
· Motorola launches a podcast network
· Bill Gates keynote at CES 1.30pm AEDT 6.30pm PST today
· Paying the hosts, paypal multiple payments


G’Day World #65 – Steve Wylie on Digital Video Production

Welcome to the first G’Day World podcast of 2006! This is my third year of podcasting (Nov 2004 – Jan 2006) and it’s going to be the smack!

If you are looking for a FAQ on digital video production, if you’ve just bought that flash new camcorder and want to know what the hell you do with it once you’ve filled up your first miniDV cassette, if you’re thinking of producing a video podcast / vidcast – then this show is for you.

Steven Wylie is the world’s leading expert on digital video production. Okay well he knows a lot about it anyway. It’s what he does for a day job. On this show he helps me get my head around what a novice needs to do to produce decent looking video for the innernet. Whether you are trying to produce video for an iPod, PC, TV, mobile phone or a huge screen in the middle of a stadium, Steven has some tips for you.

He tackles the issues of which bitrate your should use and which codecs you should support. We also talk about vidcasting and which kinds of formats might be suitable for a video podcast.

Here are links to some of the tools Steven recommends:

Adobe Premier Elements
Canopus ProCoder