The 2008 Falsies Awards: In Memory of the First Casualty | Center for Media and Democracy

CMD have released their 2008 Falsies list. As always, it’s interesting reading.

Learn about:

  • PR industry tricks such as ” third party technique” and how the Pentagon has been using it to dupe American citizens;
  • Which PR firms are taking dirty coal money to try to dupe people into thinking ‘clean coal’ is anything more than a line of spin;
  • Which PR firm took China’s money to try to make them look better during the Olympics – and failed miserably;

The 2008 Falsies Awards: In Memory of the First Casualty | Center for Media and Democracy

Australian News Media Takes More Hits

From Crikey today:

Fairfax CEO David Kirk was sacked by the Board yesterday. While I never thought Kirk was a good choice for the role, it’s hardly his fault that their share price is in the toilet. They’ve been running it into the ground for years. And they *still* aren’t coming to me for advice.

Two years ago, when I was at the PANPA conference, I heard the newly-minted CEO Kirk say that his strategy for Fairfax had 3 priorities:
1. defend and grow the newspapers
2. build strong online businesses
3. become a genuinely integrated digital media company

Name me one significant online move they have made in the last two years?

Also from Crikey:

News Ltd are quietly cutting journalists
. I’d hate to be a traditional journalist these days.

Prop 8 – The Musical

Wikipedia defines bigotry as:

“A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from his or her own, and bigotry is the corresponding attitude or mindset.”

Anyone who voted for Prop 8 in the recent Californian elections or who contributed money to the campaign for it – the Bill which introduced a ban on same-sex marriage into the Californian constitution – is a bigot, plain and simple. Prop 8 was, of course, mostly financed by the Mormons, The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, 77% of the funds for Prop 8 came from LDS families, who were asked/told to support it by the Church, according to an LDS press release.

The Mormons are understandably copping a lot of heat for their actions including an investigation into whether or not they broke Californian disclosure laws.

You can review a list of the major donors here or search a database of contributors here.

I think Jack Black has it right in this video:

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Smiley face in the night sky? Proof that God exists?

Smiley face 7

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I had no idea this was happening tonight, but when I looked up and saw this smiley face I was BLOWN AWAY. Apparently, we’re seeing Venus, Jupiter and a thin three-day-old crescent moon. What the photo doesn’t show, though, is how amazingly bright all three appear against the stars in the sky. Venus and Jupiter look so bright, you’d almost think they are about to land on you. Is this Jesus looking down on me? Have I been wrong all along???

More of my photos here.

Daniel Bowen in Melbourne got a great shot.

fatalie shows us what we’re looking at.