Missing AllTunes? I am. I miss it like a lost limb. However, someone called Scottitude in the comments section of my old blog just posted this:

If you’re in the USA and haven’t been able to refill your AllTunes balance, Just do what I did:

From the Balance page, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Purchase Gift Certificate” button. On the next screen, Click on the “AllTunes Payment” button. You’ll reach an AllTunes login page so login and chuckle at the “pay by credit card” option because you’ve tried that countless times and it never works.

Then, click on the “Add Money by Credit Card” button anyway and chuckle again at the “select amount” options, because they haven’t worked either. Again, click the “Confirm Payment” button anyway.

You’ll arrive at a page displaying your basic (name, email, amount, order #, etc.) transaction info and the following message:

Credit or Debit card
On the next step you’ll be transferred to the site of processing company E-centru (www.e-centru.com).

All products and services, displayed in the Internet-shop Alltunes.com, are accepted for payment via VISA/Mastercard by “TELETRANSINFO” SRL, address 69/1 Stefan cel Mare Blrd., Chisinau, Moldova, through a protected URL https://secure.e-centru.com. For security purposes, the card numbers are not kept by the company.

Please, be careful during typing information about your credit card. All typed data will be transferred using SSL connection 3.0 (to protect the data and prevent and guarantee its safety).”

Enter your billing information and click “Pay Now”. Go to www.AllofMP3.com, login, click your “Balance” tab, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see “Your Current Gift Certificates”. Click on the “status” link and send yourself the gift certificate by entering your email address.

You can either wait for the email or navigate back to the “gift certificate” (from the balance page)and copy & paste the URL to the gift certificate. You’ll then need to “activate” and “apply” the gift certificate to your account, which can be done from the “Balance” page.

Hurry though, ’cause you never know when this method will get blocked, too.

See you at AllTunes!

I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds pretty sweet if it works.