The first of our Ebay auctions went better than expected. I really thought this would take at least a few months to really get rolling, but we sold all three available spots on G’Day World. The PSP Show sold one of three. It should really have done better than G’Day World because it has a specific target audience – people who play the PSP. Anyone writing games or applications for the PSP should be advertising on it. Whereas G’Day World’s audience is best described as people who DON’T think I’m an idiot – which is a small and eclectic bunch of people. Anyway – some further education required. The rest of this first batch of auctions have some bids as well but we still have some spots without bids.

I’m kicking myself for not starting these auctions ages ago. Like I’m also kicking myself for not moving to the US a year ago. My 2WebCrew mate Nik Cubrilovic, The Boy From Gong, is kicking ass and taking names over there for his start-up Omnidrive and detailed in this story in the Sydney Morning Herald. Anyone in the US with a spare couch I can sleep on for a couple of months? I don’t eat much. All I need is broadband.