Announcing Twittories #2

On December 6 2007, I had this crazy idea about collaborating with people on Twitter to write short stories. I called it TWITTORIES. I invited 140 people to sign up to write 140 characters each of the story. Our first attempt, a story called “The Darkness Inside“, made it to about 99 entries before it ran out of steam. The main issue back then, I think, was that many people who signed up for twittories just didn’t check their twitter messages very often. So when they were alerted that it was their turn to write, they just didn’t show up. And it stalled. I got busy with personal stuff, TPN, etc, and this was a spider project and not a starfish.

Well, a year has passed and I’ve decided it’s time to try again. I still think Twitter could be an amazing tool for collaboration and there are obviously a lot more people using Twitter now and they are using it more often.

I’m changing a couple of the rules, too, which will hopefully make it run more smoothly.

Go to this wiki page to register your name for the new, as-yet-unnamed, twittory. The first person to sign up get to pick the name of the twittory and write the first 140 characters.