I’m back on the diet wagon again. I’ve been off of it now since August and I’ve put on a couple of kilos from where I was when I finished the process. So I’m back on it. Lose a kilo a week.

So anyhoo, I got back from taking the kids to their chess club this morning and grabbed a San Pellegrino Limonata out of the fridge. As i have to write down everything that passeth through my lips, I read the label.

Get this. You know those little bottles of Limonata? How many servings would you say is in one of those? Half? A quarter? Oh no. According to the nice folks at San Pellegrino, that there is TWO SERVINGS. Right. Maybe in Oompa Loompa land. Give me a frakkin break you morons. The Limonata bottle is 200ml and according to the label contains 226kj per serving of 100ml. That’s 452kj per bottle for those of you failed Grade One math.

Compare that to the 340ml bottle of Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer. They think a serving is 250ml (we must grow ’em bigger in Bundy than they do in Italia). And each serving of BDGB contains only 85kj. So a whole 340ml bottle contains 119kj – a quarter of the kilojoules in the tiny little munchkin-sized bottle of San Pellegrino.

Now I know one is diet and the other isn’t but that isn’t my point. My point is the BULLSHIT they try to feed you on these labels. If you want to lose weight, learn to read the labels. Shouldn’t there be a standard servings size for drinks like this?