Last night we attended the opening night of the “New Romantics” ballet in Melbourne. I loved it. I think it’s only the second time I’ve ever been to the ballet and I was totally into it. I especially loved the final act, a ballet called “After The Rain” by New Yrok choreographer Christopher Weeldon. The choreography itself was amazing but the other thing I loved about it was the music – two pieces by composer Arvo Part. I hadn’t heard of Part before but now I’m searching online for his music, especially his Tabula Rasa, Double Concerto for two violins, string orchestra and prepared piano (1977) which was the music behind part one of Weeldon’s ballet. If anyone out there has it and wants to loan it to me, let me know.

I’d definitely go back to the ballet after last night’s experience. I’m probably going to show myself up as the uneducated and uncouth tard that I am here, but the thing that struck me most last night was the almost magical grace and beauty of the dancers movements. Some of the things they were doing were completely physically unfathomable and yet they made it look easy, beautiful and incredibly graceful.

Okay, okay, I know, I’m never going to get that invite to be the arts reporter for New Yorker magazine. I don’t have the vocabulary or knowledge of dance to even begin to describe what I witnessed. All I can say is that it moved me.

And then today I watched Idiocracy and laughed my ass off. Go figure.