There aren’t many better ways to arrive home than to find multiple Amazon boxes sitting on your front doorstep! Thanks to Nick Hodge, Caitlin Kelly (Aussies) and Wilson Roberto Afonso (Brazil!) for your most generous contribution to my birthday heist! The pile of books beside my bed just rose by six! This is in addition to Andy Brown from the UK who sent me some Napoleon DVD’s a few weeks ago. You guys have significantly improved my week which, with all the server issues I’ve been fighting through, has been incredibly shitty. Thank you for putting a big smile back on my increasingly dour face and stopping me from drinking rat poison for another day at least.

The books I got are:

    Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method
    The Case For Mars
    Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order
    Legacy Of Ashes: The History of the CIA
    Accelerando (a sci-fi classic by Charles Stross)

Definitely a bunch of great things to challenge my thinking in a bunch of different ways which will no doubt lead to more interviews! Thanks again folks. You rock.

My birthday (Oct 10) is still a couple of weeks away though, so there is plenty of time for the rest of your to spread the love by buying me shit from my Amazon wishlist and stop me from killing either myself or my IT support people.