Did anyone register TPN in the Anthill Cool Company awards? Did you get hit with the $59 entry fee? James and Paul sent me an email this morning saying they decided to charge an entry fee after all. I’m wondering if you guys got hit. What do you think about having to pay an entry fee to register a company in some awards program? Legitimate? As James said, it costs them money to run the awards. But then again, they MAKE money from selling the magazine, isn’t this just the cost of coming up with content? What do you think? Should I fork up my hard-earned $59?


For the Christians out there who like to tell me “there is no evidence to support the theory of evolution” – we have more!

Scientists say they have seen one of the fastest evolutionary changes ever observed in a species of butterfly. The tropical Blue Moon butterfly has developed a way of fighting back against parasitic bacteria.

Six years ago, males accounted for just 1% of the Blue Moon population on two islands in the South Pacific.

But by last year, the butterflies had developed a gene to keep the bacteria in check and male numbers were up to about 40% of the population.


What kind of bizarre logical backflip are you going to produce to talk your way around this one? I can’t wait to see it….