16 thoughts on “Chatting with a Mormon Missionary

  1. Angie, That was a great read and it almost seemed like you were getting through to Katie. Will be interesting if she does get a copy of the Koran though.

  2. That is so funny!!! What is it with Atheists? Why shoot down others to disallow them the freddom to worship and believe how they want to? Is it so people will feel your misery along with them? You have your beliefs we have ours simple as that!

    I read the missionary blog and the poor girl who you were talking too, it seems you just want to discredit her beliefs she said over and over that we find truths through our own personal study, thinking about it, and praying about it. Sometimes its hard to teach this formula to people already in their mindset dead set in proving it’s wrong. Well the church has the facts and the numbers to prove that this formula does work! Millions join every year, not because we tell them to join, but because they find out on their own through study. You saying well the Koran could be true, sure why not? There are many good books out there! Atheists will always be against god no matter what. Again how do you explain spirits and those that have seen and talk to them, and appear way to many people have seen them to discredit this claim! that right there the fact that these spirits are not dead tells us that there is life after death and a creator indeed lives on! How do Athesits argue that???

    Also why would it be hard to understand that God did put us on this Earth as a trial and a test to see how we will do and what we become, he gives us leaders and religion as our help so that we can return back to him. We are left our free agency to choose, I am sure it is hard for him to watch and view things but we have the power to use his help anytime we ask!! Such as this life we teach our kids, but we can’t control their actions and their decisions, we watch them grow and watch them use their free agency, such as this life and such in the eternal life as well.

    I am preaching but so have you, by all the anti religion crap you post! Respect people and move away from religion talk. Everyone should respect each others decisions and go from there.

    1. Emily – athiests aren’t trying to stop you from practising your religion. Do you see atheists trying to pass laws again LDS? No. It’s the reverse. It’s the LDS church that duid everything they could to deny the right to marry to homosexuals in California. Face you belong to a religion that promotes bigotry. Just as it did when it supported segregation into the 1970s. It’s a disgraceful religion.

      1. Doug, would you mind explaining to me why you, Greg, Randal, Emily, Steph, Randy, Crandal, Randy and Chris ALL HAVE THE SAME IP ADDRESS?

        Is it perhaps, Doug, that you are making up all of these names to make it look like other people support your argument for bigotry?

        Shame on you, Doug, shame on you. It’s bad enough that you’re a bigot, but now you’ve also demonstrated that you are a liar and a fraud.

        I’m sure that isn’t a commentary on the kind of people who belong to the Mormon church though. I’m sure most members aren’t complete liars and frauds, they are just mislead.

  3. Angie I think your a disgrace to yourself and to peace movements!! How dare you post sacred images of a religion?(underwear picture) This world is built on the fact that we need to accept people’s differences and respect their beliefs. You are making fun of an organization and are not better than the people who are racists against blacks!! Racists are those that hate and persecute others because they are different! What are you doing? You are racist towards religion and to the mormons in general. Accept the fact that people differ, and we all don’t believe in the same thing! Judge ye not less ye be judged!!! Karmas a bitch!! Get a life!!!!!!!!

    1. Randy – “This world is built on the fact that we need to accept people’s differences and respect their beliefs.” If you believe that, then explain why mormons are doing everything they can to prevent homosexuals from getting married? Oh and by the way, “racist towards religion and to the mormons”??? I think you need to look up the meaning of the term “racist”. Oh and read a book on science while you’re at it.

  4. I think what Randy might have meant to say was your a bigot not a racist as they are two different things! The mormons took a lot of slack in their early history as a church from people persecuting them to even people killing them, of cource you may know some of their history.

    I must say I agree with Randy. I think people like you that are athesist or just don’t agree with certain religions and then go out of their way to start an internet site or a blog site and then say harmful things, and post pictures are a joke to society and a disgrace of a human being! A total BIGOT!! You seek to destroy a religion and seek to put down other beliefs all because YOU believe in no god!! The picture of the underwear is so disresptful and rude and mean that one day I believe this will haunt you! Anytime you can make fun of others make fun of their belief system you know something bad is around the corner if not in this life maybe the next life, oh wait you don’t believe in a next life my bad!! Science can sure create some awsome stuff according to your beliefs but yet can’t create an after life uh.. go figure it is science who is the creator right?!! Okay back to the point, you won’t stop because you don’t care about people and their right to believe, and you must get your word out to all who will listen!! What a pathetic case of humanity you are!! Tear down others to make yourself better! May god or your creator have mercy on your soul!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!

    1. Steph, the only bigots here are the Mormons who believe in preventing the rights of a minority. As atheists we don’t try to stop you from practising your religion, no matter how deluded it is. But when your “religion” starts interfering in the rights of others, it’s time for all decent people to stand up to it.

  5. What a disgrace you are!! Your a total bigot and hater of people with different views than you have. So your an athesist why not start your own website and proclaim to the world how your right and we are all wrong!

    I bet you get a kick out of proving or so you think people wrong!! That’s the problem with this world we have people like yourself thinking there better than others, and they only want to tear down individuals beliefs. Whats up with the mormon underwear?!! Talk about disrespect and lack of moral character you have!!! you probably feel good about what your doing, but you know it will one day bite you in the butt! Either in this life or the next life!! Or in your own terms the next science life, what science can create marvelous things but can’t create an after life? go figure huh……!

    Stop tearing others down, and live your belief system. Why tear others? What a joke you are and to the Athesist nation you sure represent well!!

    1. Randal – what picture of Mormon underwear? I find it amusing that you attack me for thinking I am better than other people when it’s the Mormons who are fighting to prevent minorities in the US from having the right to wed.

  6. I think it is a disgrace that you have to tear down other people and their religion!

    The concept of no god is a total joke!! Science creating mankind, and this world wow now that’s deep thinking! Whoops man created science!! hmn……. What about an after life? Science can’t even create that?

    Okay so you tear down other beliefs too make yourself feel great! Whatever it’s people like you we just shake our heads and proclaim whatever and get a freakin’ life!

    The mormon underwear picture shows me your true character and lack thereof your no worse than the bigots, killers, rapists, and racists you contribute to hate among people, and intollerance of others. Get a life!!!

  7. Like I said at work we share the same log on and computer, and I do talk to my co-workers about this, and I guess they have commented. I don’t appreciate it that you call me a liar!

    1. Yeah that’s an unlikely story, Doug. What kind of workplace only has one shared PC? Give me the name and phone number of the company and I’ll call to confirm your story. Otherwise I still think it smells fishy.

  8. You know what it doesn’t matter what you think. We do have one computer in our area at work, and we share lots of fun interesting sites, such as this one. If you don’t want to believe than so be it. The matter of the debate has pretty much died anyway. I just wonder why you censor me, and others?

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