Chris and the folks at Digial Ministry have stopped allowing people to register for their Facebook group just below the 1000 cutoff and have listed their reasons on their site. Interesting position. I personally don’t think Facebook groups are very useful at the moment. I find them incredibly difficult to monitor. It isn’t user friendly at all. All they have going for them is the incredibly viral nature of them. I suspect they will get better in the not-too-distant-future though.
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h) Finally – and this is really the biggie… If we had put our brand and hard work on the line and invited ALL of our existing community members to go join the groups on Facebook… or spent marketing $ on promoting an application on your behalf.. without first finding out the above issues: Would we have made a big mistake that we may not recover from by handing you our users, budget and content? OR – would we find that in the end, we still have a large Knowledge IP advantage and back-up infrastructure over the new “Facebook click-and-build” barons who do not have this advantage of learning? We reckon the former.
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