Harkening back to one of the shows Dunc and I did last week, today in this article about the latest round of sexual misconduct (which is a PC way of saying “having sex with little boys) allegations against the Catholic Church, I found this:

In a BBC documentary produced last year, a reporter traced the sexual abuse crisis back to the Vatican and to Pope Benedict XVI himself.

According to the report, while Pope Benedict was still Cardinal Raztinger, he authorised a document in 2001, which was then approved by the late Pope John Paul related to crimes of solicitation. The document instructed all bishops to put the interests of the church ahead of those of law enforcement.

So basically Papa Benny along with J.Piddy 2, both conspired, as recently as 2001, to protect Mother Church ahead of their victims.

So don’t tell me “oh that’s all in our past, we’ve all changed now”. Bullshit. The Catholics are dirty and should be shut down. How long are we going to tolerate this kind of behaviour?

I love ya Father Bob, but your mob are rotten to the core at the highest levels.