DVD Pick Of The Week – “Weeds” Series One (2005)

How come I have not heard of this show before??? My man in Carmel, Steve the Witness, forced me to watch this today and it is brilliant TV. Here’s the set-up for “Weeds“:

After her husband’s unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Mary-Lousie Parker) embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer. As it seems like everyone secretly wants what she’s selling — even city councilman Doug Wilson — Nancy is faced with keeping her family life in check and her enterprise a secret from her best friend/PTA president, Celia Hodes.

I got hooked on Mary-Louise Parker when she played Amy Gardner in West Wing and it’s great to see her get her own show, especially something as brilliant as this. If you haven’t checked it out, do it.

4 thoughts on “DVD Pick Of The Week – “Weeds” Series One (2005)

  1. What do you care, you don’t need/watch MSM/TV! How about more podcasts! Back to work, bitch!
    (Sorry, I am fired up today. Just found out that if I was to send a 1mg file to 100 friends via my (telstra) bigpond email, they would register 100mg of usage against my monthly usage! Fucking Telstra! Cam do you have any contacts within Telstra you can get to look at this crap?)


  2. Damn more TV to download.

    Molly, you have 100 friends. What does that feel like? Why don’t you use a site like Yousendit or something similar. Just upload the file and then email them the link to the file to download themselves.

  3. Tony, your missing the point. I am getting charged against my usage for email! I actually discovered this when I created a program to read the export of an ACDSEE (Desktop Photo management software) database and then email photos and tags to Flickr.

    I am sure most ISP don’t charge for emails. Hell, most don’t charge for uploads but I understand the logic of Bigpond doing it ( either there greedy bastards or they are discouraging bittorrent use) but not the email usage.

    On the 100 friends, its just an example.

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