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3 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #111

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the shout-out, guys. I’m considering doing that more frequently…it worked out pretty well. I’ll do some cleanup work in the future, and try to be more coherent. *grin*

    Now I’d better go fill out the survey…

  2. Ken:
    I am not sure if I want to provide Rich and Cam an opportunity to shout out to me. Based on what they said about you, they would have a field day with my old email handle – AtomicRod. 🙂

  3. Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your podcast. Have been a listener for about a year now and enjoy the no bullshit approach you guys take to issues, big or small. Wonder what some of your U.S. brethen make of GDay World 🙂

    However here are two suggestions for you

    Cam asked for ideas for future shows. Not sure if you’d consider discussing the legalities involved in operating Internet forums, communities etc. I am contemplating operating an community based website about ‘Canberra Heritage’. I would be relying on locals to write their own content with a small and trusted group of publishers to oversee quality of content. Looking at OS products like Mambo and Plone. However my question is ‘What risks would I open myseff up to legally if someone posted content that may be breach of CR or someone (rightly or wrongly) takes offence.
    Not sure if you consider this too dry a content for the gday shoo 🙂

    Suggestion two.

    Cam mentioned he recently bought a direct connect Storage Device. He didn’t mention if it was RAID or not. I pose the question because I am just about to buy a NAS. As someone said to me recently, you don’t really know how valuable your data is until you lose it. Anyhow Cam Im sure you’r got it under control ahd backup your stuff regularly. Cheers again.

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