Okay. There you have it. We’ve been doing this bloody podcasting thing for one whole year. Despite the critics, the poverty, the death threats, and troublesome technology, we have soldiered on, over hill and dale, podcasting for one whole year.

We tried very hard to think up something fun to do for our one year anniversary. But we couldn’t think of anything. So we just did a show.

And YES… I pulled out the Mick sock puppet for the occasion, just to please the three people who remember who he is. 🙂

On a (rare) serious note – Mick and I would like to thank all of you for listening in to our rants and raves over the last year and for participating in the conversation. We’ve certainly had fun so far and we’re starting to think this podcasting thing might have more legs than some people predicted. Whaddya think?

BTW, I forgot to point out, that G’DAY WORLD was the very first Australian podcast, the very first Skype podcast, and the very first show on The Podcast Network, which was itself the very first podcasting business! Surely those things are worth celebrating? A moment of silence?