GDAY WORLD!!! #143 about Lebanon, Apple & The Aristocrats!

Join Cameron Reilly, Australia’s #1 podcaster, and his old buddy Richard Giles, while they talk about:

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11 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD!!! #143 about Lebanon, Apple & The Aristocrats!

  1. Don’t know what US media you are seeing Cam, but the stuff I am hearing on Lebanon isn’t that the Israelis are just good guys.

    It’s more generally they have been attacked by Hezbollah and are going after places far from the scene of the battle. For US media I’d say it’s been very balanced approach.

  2. I love it! I totally have confused you!
    I told you about Red and millionaire (i.e. you thinking that molly might of won Millionaire was because I told you about red).
    Red didn’t win. He got the $500,000 question wrong for charity lossing them about $200,000.

    PS. Love the Podpress plugin and you can see it in action at my podcast

  3. Thomas, most of the stuff I’ve seen on TV over here is about how poor Israel is so hard done by and “have a right to defend themselves”. Quotes from Bush to the same effect. Quotes from the Israeli Prime Minister. But the message are not balanced. THe only sounbbites I’ve seen representing Lebanon are people crying and blaming Hezbollah. I’m sure that’s one position, but I’m also sure it isn’t the only position. Take this article in “The Australian” as an example. It’s completely pro-Israel.

  4. Tell you what I’ll kick the student union while they’re down by covering the noticeboards with TPN fliers while they’re too busy trying to regain some kind of control to take them down.
    Marketing genius… students = geek + lots of spare time + ipod.
    That should fill my giving back to the podcasting/blogging community quota.

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