GDAY WORLD!!! #144 with Ibrahim, a Lebanese blogger

Today my special guest is Ibrahim Jouhari. Ibrahim writes “Bob’s Blog” from Saida in Lebanon, about 40kms away from Beirut. He has been calling for PEACE NOW on his blog for the last couple of weeks and getting a wide range of responses, from international support to extreme criticism. He talks to me about the background to the current conflict, his personal perspectives on what needs to happen to secure peace, the role of bloggers in a time of war and we even talk about time travel (he’s a SCIFI nut).

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One thought on “GDAY WORLD!!! #144 with Ibrahim, a Lebanese blogger

  1. Cam:

    Sobering and valuable show. Ibrahim’s description of living in a war zone was riveting, even with the sound quality issues. In fact, those just served to make me listen even harder to try to make sure I heard everything. Thank goodness for the rewind ability of “new media”.

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