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Join Cameron Reilly, Australia’s #1 “new media” GURU, his old buddy Richard Giles, while they get all “blokey” about:

Cameron’s recent rounds of meetings with magazine publishers, TV production companies, TV network chiefs, radio station chiefs and more.

Did you know that podcasting is just like wanking… for money?

The results of the recent TPN Ebay auctions

Cameron gets a little too close to Canadian-Australian model-author Tara Moss

Talk about the very funny Hobo Radio podcast on TPN

Our new segment; “Asshole Of The Week”. This week our asshole is – Mel Gibson. In this segment, Cam chastizes anti-semites everywhere and explains the real reasons behind conflict in the Middle East and what Condi Rice could do to bring peace if she really wanted to.

Terry Lane (senior Aussie journalist) resigns after writing this article which was full of fraudulent information which he sourced from a fake video by Jesse Macbeth (an interesting side note – the online version of the article on The Age’s website has NO INDICATION yet that the story is full of disinformation… even though Lane has resigned over it and the management of The Age are fully aware of it… even a blogger would have posted an update by now)

Southbank complex in Melbourne bans photography on its premises

Cam & Rich are going to interview total legend John Romero this week (and yes, he’s about to make us his bitch!!)

Ewan (and Cam… right Ewan??!!!) is going to interview The Goodies and Harry Shearer for TPN’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival podcast!!

We play an excerpt from, and discuss, the brilliant Larry Brilliant podcast from TED

We talk about the amazing work that the Google Foundation is doing

Finally Cam asks… what are YOU doing to change the world???