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Rich and I do our first show together LIVE! Not all that exciting really. I thought he’d be much better looking. We talk about… stuff.

  • Rich gives his perspective on Phil Sim’s recent “Influence 2006” conference up at the Hunter Valley.
  • We talk about how to harness the collective intelligence of your/our audience.
  • Why the latest tech news is so boring.
  • Cameron’s latest technical challenges with his Acer laptop and Netgear modem.
  • Rich tells us a little about running a stealth start-up.
  • We catch up on the whole LonelyGirl15 story.
  • Charles Wright‘s struggle to make money from blogging.
  • Why Cam won’t go to Jeremy Wagstaff‘s book launch in Bali
  • Scoble’s latest adventure’s slagging off Microsoft
  • HP spying on their directors
  • Why Cameron’s name was mentioned (and not in a good way) at Phil Sim’s conference
  • TPN in the BRW this week