G’DAY WORLD 171 – On Marijuana, Living Without Advertising, and Plausible Deniability

A loooooong show today, almost 90 minutes, with three guest co-hosts, a clip from another TPN show, a music clip from PUBLIC ENEMY… it’s our first YEAR THREE show and so I indulged. Mea Culpa.

My guest co-hosts today include:

  • Shane Williamson (who didn’t started late and didn’t stay long because his Optus Cable sucks ass)
    Dave Gray from TPN’s GlobalGeek podcast who crashed our servers last night
    and Scott Sherman from TPN’s #1 podcast “The Digital Photography Show
  • topics:

    hoboradio #23: living in a bubble

    Why Marijuana Is Illegal

    Getting DUGG

    Political survival and plausible deniability are now the paramount objectives of public administration.

    An 11-year-old in Hillsborough County, Fla., who has lost his hair during chemotherapy treatments for Leukemia is selling advertising space on his head to raise money for the Bone Marrow Registry, according to Local 6 News. (LINK)

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    Featured track is NEW MUSIC by the one and only PUBLIC ENEMY
    Rebirth Of A Nation

    from “Rebirth Of A Nation”
    by Public Enemy Featuring Paris
    Guerrilla Funk Recordings

    13 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD 171 – On Marijuana, Living Without Advertising, and Plausible Deniability

    1. I typed this as I thought it so its kinda disjointed but fuck it, who cares 🙂

      Marijuana causes people to seek sexual encounters full stop. I fail to see how this is a bad thing though.

      Cam, you seem to have a strange preoccupation with arse-fucking…

      When you think about it there aren’t really any ‘gay’ activities which (at least some) straight couples might also indulge in so the real question is: do these conservatives have a problem with the activity, the fact that the people involved are the same sex, or both.

      Did you mean for there to be a promo over the top of you talking near the end then?

    2. Bits and peices from John Birmingham’s Dopeland
      “a consignment of hemp seeds was included among the stores of the First Fleet… someone screwed up and the hemp planted in Australia… was Cannabis indica next to useless for making rope” but very good for smoking…
      No one thought to smoke it at the time though… so it was just considered a weed (okay it still is… but…)
      “The first shots in the Australian drug war came with the publication of an article in Smith’s Weekly… in April 1938… a screaming banner headline…” which spoke of “‘a new [Mexican] drug that maddens victims'” and that it “was growing wild throughout Queensland”… some weeks later it was reported that young Sydney siders were smoking imported pot from Queensland and “the hemp plant was hastily tacked onto the list of noxious plants; other states were shortly to follow suit”

      Dopeland is an interesting book (basically in the style of He Died with a Felafel in His Hand)… hey, maybe you could get Birmingham on the show…

    3. when talking about the case for the legalization of marijuana, people are always talking about the historical reasons why it was made illegal in the first place.

      While I repect your personal view on the subject Camron I believe that there are modern day reasons why it should not be legalized

      These days, we live in a society where there is a heap of trumpet blowing about peoples rights, but there is very little talk about the flip side of the coin, their responsibilities.

      For example, in our society, people have the right to unemployment benefits, but we have the responsibility to look for work. You and I cam as adults have the right to do nearly anything we please, but we are constrained by our responsibilities to our jobs, our family and our children in particular. Finally we all have the right to live in a free society but we have the responsibility to act within that societies laws.

      Common sense to you, me and a great number of your listeners Cam but not to everyone.

      I feel that today people do not teach their kids that as well as rights we have responsibilities and this leads to people people being encourged to not take responsibility for their actions, therefore they dont. ‘it wasnt my fault I raped that woman your honour because I was abused as a child by my father’. How many times have we heard such things reported in the media and thought ‘what a crock of shit’.

      People not taking respnsibilty for their own actions in drinking has lead to many incidences of assults, violence and vehicular manslaughter. ‘Im sorry your honour but I was drunk’

      Marijuana today is not the same as it was in the 70’s either. The THC level of the crop is a lot higher these days, meaning you get higher really quickly and while as you point out it doesnt make you violent, consistent use changes your personality to the point where you dont give a fuck about anything or anyone except yourself, even when your not high. I know this from experience.

      Im 100% for the use of marijuana (or heroin for that matter) for strictly medical purposes, the benefits of both are well documented but until people can learn to act responsibly and use the drugs we already have responsibly and not turn up for work boozed or stoned (a stoned man driving a forklift is a truely terrifying thing), then I think shings should stay as they are.



    4. Two major reasons for it not to be legalised right now are:

      drug testing – if it cannot be easily tested on drivers, what will stop people from driving high?

      links to Schizophrenia

      Personally I have known someone who developed Schizophrenia within weeks of using dope for the first time, with no previous signs of any mental illness. His doctors were of the opinion that it was a factor in his illness. Before you dismiss this as a possibility, consider that mental illness is brain chemistry and dope messes with brain chemistry.

      While alcohol is a contributing factor for many issues in society, it does not pose an immediate danger to anyone’s mental health.

    5. I think marijuana should be legalised. Its really not a big deal. My friend lives in california we he can grow. He uses a m grow box. He has a card and can do so legally and its even perscribed by a doctor. After his accident, he lost he appetitie. With marijuana he has it back, and feels less pain. Why shouldnt he get his natural medicine?

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