Chris Saad is one of the whizkid whippersnappers behind Brisbane-based start-up Touchstone. He’s also one of the founders of the new Media 2.0 Workgroup which (according to their site) is

    … a group of industry commentators, agitators and innovators who believe that the phenomena of democratic participation will change the face of media creation, distribution and consumption.

Of course, they haven’t (yet) invited me to be part of the group so I don’t know how authoritative it can be. After all, I *am* Media 2.0. Look it up in Wikipedia and you’ll see my sunnies. ANYWAY…

Here’s some of the links mentioned in the show:

Joost (aka The Venice Project)

Here’s a picture of what Joost looks like for those of you who aren’t on it yet:

And because not everyone is on Tangler yet, I have set up a new forum to discuss Media 2.0 further. A place to talk about how media is changing, your favourite podcasts, internet TV, torrent sites, media center devices, etc.

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