Just the Cam. Having a rant.

Ya know, for some time now I’ve missed just being able to talk to you guys about shit that’s been on my mind. Whether or not you want to hear it, I need it. G’DAY WORLD started out as my therapy and, along the way, it turned into an interview show. I think that was when Mick and I both got too busy to talk to each other.

But anyway, I need to rant and so I’ve decided to go back to doing rantcasts for a while. The interviews will still be here once or twice a week, but the other days of the week you can expect to hear me jabbering away about what’s been on my mind. Maybe Mick will even join me. And if any of you want to come on for a yarn, you are most welcome. Skype me and let me know.

Some of the things I mentioned in the show today:

Walt Mossberg on Dan Farber’s cast – a must listen. I didn’t mention it on the show, but I met both Walt and Dan at DEMO last February. Both very charming gents.

Long Tail Camp Melbourne

My “I am your nightmare” post

Sony’s DRM bullshit. Speaking of Sony, someone called Ian left a comment on Webmink’s post about Sony’s DRM disaster (which I discovered via The Gadget Show), which I thought was a classic:

Sony’s new slogan should be ‘Sony: redefining evil’.