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Today I talk to Brian Ibbott from the “Coverville” podcast. Brian has been podcasting since September 2004 and has a massive success on his hands with Coverville. He has been featured in publications such as BusinessWeek and Rolling Stone Magazine and was one of the podcasts featured on the front page of iTunes’ podcast directory in the weeks after they launched it. Brian is also pretty unique in the podcasting world because he pays a licensing fee to the various music industry bodies for permission to play RIAA tracks on his show.
On the show we talk about:

  • How Brian got started in podcasting
  • What equipment he uses to produce his show
  • Where he hosts his files
  • How he licenses music tracks to play on this show
  • How many listeners he has
  • How he promotes the show and finds an audience
  • How much money he is currently making from advertising
  • What he sees for the future of podcasting

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The music track you heard on this podcast is “Somptin Happnin'”from the album “Polymorphic Convolutions” by Various Artists from the Electronic Soundscapes label.