My guests today are Dr Kris Klugman PhD and Bill Rowlings from Civil Liberties Australia. I invited them onto the show to help me understand what’s happening with a variety of civil liberty matters such as:

    David Hicks
    Dr Phillip Nitschke’s book
    Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock
    Banning of Muslim books
    Sedition and other “anti-terrorism” laws passed in Australia
    The use of fear as a tool of manipulation
    Free Speech
    An Australian Bill of Rights
    The troubling rise of the Christian Right in Australia
    Gay marriage

If you are troubled, as I am, by these issues, then get off your backside and DO something about it. Join the CLA, write a blog, record a podcast, run for politics, create some street art, just DO SOMETHING non-violent. Don’t get sucked into this bullshit mindset of “what difference does it make?”. That’s what “they” want you to think. Remember – you boil a frog slowly.

John Howard War On Truth

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