On episode 211 my guests are Dr Phil Burgess, Group Managing Director, Public Policy and Communication, Telstra and Garry Barker, Technology Editor at The Age. We spent an hour at Telstra’s Melbourne offices this morning discussing the state of broadband in Australia.

Telstra podcast

Phil is often in the news (here are some recent stories) debating the broadband issue with other Australian corporate executives, the ACCC and the Federal Government, but this is a rare opportunity to hear him speak (loudly and passionately) about Telstra’s official position on the broadband debate for an hour.

Thanks to Phil and Garry for participating and to Paul Crisp and Rod Bruem at Telstra for making it happen. I know Phil is a supporter of blogs and podcasts (he is the guy who make Telstra’s ‘Now We Are Talking’ blog happen) so hopefully this will just be the first of many such conversations.

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