G’DAY WORLD #228 – Brian Dalton aka Mr Deity

A wonderful show today. I get to talk to Brian Dalton, the comic genius behind one of the hottest video podcasts on the web today – MR. DEITY.

Mr Deity

Brian talks about how the idea for the show came to him, his background as a “ForeMon” (a lapsed Mormon), his careers as a graphic artist, musician and filmmaker, the success of the show, the future of the show, and some production insights into how the put it together.

It was a lot of fun and if you haven’t already checked out MR DEITY, then do so now.

Don’t forget to make use of my new comments line – Aussies can dial into +613 9016 9699. The rest of you can either pay international charges (cmon, what price can you put on being on my show??) or just start begging me to set up an international number.

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The G’Day World Theme Song is “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts.

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5 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #228 – Brian Dalton aka Mr Deity

  1. Pharking Funny as Mate, that was a hoot, I had people looking over my shoulder wondering what I was chuckling at.

    but how do I subscribe without itunes ???


  2. Great stuff, Brian is a really funny guy.

    This forced me onto YouTube, where I was able to view his ‘Let there be Light’ episode – absoulutely hilarious.

    Thanks Cameron, for your eclectic collection of guests.

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