G’DAY WORLD #231 – Physics 101

Happy ANZAC Day to all you Aussies!

My guests today are Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain from the very excellent Astronomy Cast! They agreed (a decision they may now regret) to try to answer some of my insanely big questions about the Universe. Questions such as:

– what is the fabric of spacetime?
– what is energy?
– why is the speed of light a constant?
– why is it that nothing can move faster than the speed of light?
– what is string theory and why can’t we talk about it?
– how is it that a Scotsman can drop a penny from the top of a building and then run down to the bottom fast enough to catch it?

All these questions and more (well not much more actually) will be answered on today’s show! … in less than an hour…

And if you’re interested in such matters, be sure to check out the Astronomy Cast!

And also check out the amazing new STEREO images of the sun brought to you by the US government. I told you the Americans were useful for something other than fast food and global warming!!

Don’t forget to make use of my new comments line – Aussies can dial into +613 9016 9699. The rest of you can either pay international charges (cmon, what price can you put on being on my show??) or just start begging me to set up an international number.

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The G’Day World Theme Song is “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts.

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9 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #231 – Physics 101

  1. Uhhh… Cam… quick question; is it just me, or have you fiddled with something at TPN Central that has changed my G’Day World feed into the Digital Photography feed (in iTunes)? Even when I try to re-subscribe, I end up subscribing to the Digital Photography Show.

    I am sure that the Digital Photography show is excellent and all, but…

    (Pleased to hear you are feeling better! I don’t mind it when you are a bit down. I often listen to G’day World on the way home from work, and sometimes it is good to hear that other people ask themselves the same questions that I do… like What am I doing?)

  2. Yeah good show Cam. And well done to Pam and Fraser for putting up with with your low balls or as we call them here – googlies. I thought Frasers metaphor regarding light and how it relates to time using the example of a train summed it up well. Cooincidently I watched my tram whiz passed without stopping for me while I was waiting for it as I listened to the show. Maybe the driver was in another continuum …

  3. Great show Cam. I haven’t really thought about all my old physics stuff since first year but its such fascinating stuff. Pam and Fraser did a really good job of making very complicated concepts sound easy.

  4. Just a quick heads up.

    Of all holidays the one Australian’s keep seriously is Anzac Day. It has always been marked by a public holiday on the day itself unlike for example Australia Day which until only recently was celebrated on the nearest Monday.

    With veteran’s marches and dawn services it is a day of remembrance and reflection at least until midday.

  5. FYI, the audio file play and download links are broken. I would love to listen to this episode, which I found when listening to the archives of Astronomy Cast, so please let me know when it will be available. Thanks!

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