I’m sure many of you read on Techmeme over the weekend about the whole “People Ready” fiasco involving FM Media and their client bloggers that started with this Valleywag post. One of the bloggers involved was Richard McManus who writes the popular ReadWriteWeb blog. I happened to be having dinner (ironically hosted by Microsoft, the company who paid for the “People Ready” advertising) with Richard last night and asked him to explain himself. Is it all a storm in a teacup? Or is it a serious issue which was mishandled by FM and their bloggers? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Also on the show are:

  • Microsoft’s General Manager of the Developer and Platform Evangelism group in Australia (and their #1 blogger and good guy) Frank Arrigo
  • Frank’s boss, the Director of the DPE group in Australia, Norbert Haehnel
  • Australia’s #1 technology industry journalist Brad Howarth
  • Richard, Brad, Ben Barren (where were you last night sir?) and I will be speaking on a Web 2.0 panel at Microsoft’s ReMix event in Melbourne tomorrow. If you’re going to be there, come up and say hi.

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