G’DAY WORLD #284 – Liz Heller, CEO Buzztone (X | Media | Lab)

Another video from the X | MEDIA | LABS event. This one is with Liz Heller, CEO of US-based marketing company BUZZTONE. We chatted about the idea of “buzz” marketing and the future of the music business (prior to starting Buzztone, Liz was an Executive Vice President at Capital Records).

For those of you on my Twitter list, it was Liz that gave me the demo of her iPhone.

Liz Heller

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    One thought on “G’DAY WORLD #284 – Liz Heller, CEO Buzztone (X | Media | Lab)

    1. “All-time favorite music: Van Halen, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Alice Cooper, Vince Jones, Tom Waits, Miles Davis”

      can I have your autograph?
      one more moondance with you?
      School’s Out!
      the hooker’s letter home at xmas
      and Miles was the absolutely most gorgeous looking black man evah.

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