G’Day World #308 – The First Meeting of The Church Of LOTU

As you many have noticed, I recently launched a new religion which I’m calling “LOTU”, the Laws Of The Universe. If you missed that news, read this. On January 11, 2007, I held the very first church meeting of LOTU. As befits a 21st century religion, I held it in Second Life at TPN HQ. It wasn’t a huge turnout – about 6 people joined me for the session you hear recorded on this podcast and then another 6 or 7 people turned up later on, and we discussed LOTU into the evening.

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4 thoughts on “G’Day World #308 – The First Meeting of The Church Of LOTU

  1. Hey Cam, I’m only part way through the podcast but just wanted to say good on you for doing this. I’m sure you’ve got some negative response and I’m not sure if positive feedback from a christian counts for much. Anyway, I once heard Chuck Paulanick (author of fight club) talking about the value of telling stories as presenting an alternative compared to protesting. He gave the example of protesting against oil use compared to giving an alternative vision of life without oil. He said if you’re protesting against oil the question is how do we cut down our oil use. If you present an alternative vision the question is what do we do with all this black stuff in the ground. So, good on you for presenting an alternative vision. I have to say that one of the things that first appealed to me about christianity was that there were a group of people talking about the big issues in life and what it meant to live a meaningful life. All the best.

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