Welcome to the first G’Day World podcast of 2006! This is my third year of podcasting (Nov 2004 – Jan 2006) and it’s going to be the smack!

If you are looking for a FAQ on digital video production, if you’ve just bought that flash new camcorder and want to know what the hell you do with it once you’ve filled up your first miniDV cassette, if you’re thinking of producing a video podcast / vidcast – then this show is for you.

Steven Wylie is the world’s leading expert on digital video production. Okay well he knows a lot about it anyway. It’s what he does for a day job. On this show he helps me get my head around what a novice needs to do to produce decent looking video for the innernet. Whether you are trying to produce video for an iPod, PC, TV, mobile phone or a huge screen in the middle of a stadium, Steven has some tips for you.

He tackles the issues of which bitrate your should use and which codecs you should support. We also talk about vidcasting and which kinds of formats might be suitable for a video podcast.

Here are links to some of the tools Steven recommends:

Adobe Premier Elements
Canopus ProCoder