I first heard of Planet Of Women while listening to TPN Rock #32 last November. They rocked so hard I had to check out the Planet Of Women website, which was when I discovered the below photo. Is there anything hotter than a rock chick (apart from maybe a chick with a gun a la La Femme Nikita)???

Planet Of Women

So, with a little help from Ewan Spence and the band’s manager, David Manders from Liquid Management, I managed to connect with them as they were leaving a gig in Croydon in the UK.

Thanks to the band for making the time to chat. They are:

Jade (Vocals), Nina (Vocal), Jolene (Vocal), Static (Guitar), Jason (Bass) and Martin (Drums).

And if you want to support the band, buy their 2005 EP “Waking Up The Neighborhood” online.

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