Gday World #82

On today’s show, Rich and I talk about:


Google’s Earnings Hit and why is Microsoft’s Market Cap only 13x that of Goog’s

Google Linux Rumours and why they need an OS

Google Not Buying Napster

Scoble on posting your email address

Microsoft ships IE7 beta2 with RSS… but I can’t figure it out

StarForce suing Cory Doctorow… haven’t they heard of Kryptonite?

The Academy Awards

Poly The Pollie

In TPN news:

Ewan going to the Razzies

Orb signs on with Media Center

Australian slang lesson of the day – “tall poppy syndrome”

Intro / Outro music “D24″ courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker

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  • 11 thoughts on “Gday World #82

    1. thanks william. I did see that book mentioned in the news this morning but hadn’t read the detail until you threw me the link. Why am I not surprised to hear that the US telcos have ripped off their customers and stalled the deployment of broadband?

    2. The best part of the whole show was Cam asking Rich “Are you taking the piss?”.

      Comedy Gold even when it wasn’t meant to be…LOL

    3. just wanted to let you and Rich are making a good show that I enjoy. I think it is great that you have found a co-host as it results in a better quality show. I still love the interview shows as well. The other thing that I think is great is that you aren’t afraid of tangents and keeping the language truly casual.

      thought you sounded like you needed some “love”

    4. Minh, good work on that link! I’ll do that in future, thanks!

      Angus – thanks mate, I needed that. 🙂

      Tony – if that’s your definition of comedy gold, you need to get out more mate! (but we already knew that)

    5. I will agree with the others that the shows are a lot better when you have someone to play off. Interviews are also good. I enjoy your shorter rant shows but you and Rich are a good combo.

      Too bad I actually work or I could join in 😛

      And it was comedy gold. You just don’t have a sense of humour.

    6. How did you go with Andrew Bartlett? Is he doing the poly?
      Also why not have more TPN Hosts as your co-hosts. For example I remember way back when you and Mick (????) had Dub Dub (Wayne Trumel) on the show when he joined the network. He was a laugh. You should have him co-host some shows. Also the guys from the Geeks of Hazzard.

      Just a thought.

    7. Malone

      Poly The Pollie: I’ve got a meeting this week with a guy who runs a polygraph service to work out some nuts and bolts. Stay tuned!

      TPN Hosts: yeah I’d love to have more of them on, its mostly a timing issue. I do the show in the middle of the day, when most Aussie hosts are working and most US/UK hosts are sleeping.

      Parenting: I wish someone would start one on TPN. I’ve had a few people say they were going to but never did. Including my wife and Ian Dixon’s wife (about parenting twins). I like it when the kids come on as well. I wish they’d do a show. It’d be a hoot.

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