GDAY WORLD! #96 – 2web crew #2

On today’s show, my guest hosts are my co-founding members of, Ben Barren, Richard Giles, Martin Wells and our newest member Duncan Riley and we talk about:

  • the iBuzz, the musical orgasm machine
  • Who is Michael Arrington and why is he the hub of Web2.0?
  • What is Michael’s edgio play all about?
  • Why aren’t we seeing more vertical Web2.0 plays?
  • Rupert Murdoch gets it
  • If you’re a brand new Web2.0 entrepreneur, how do you raise funding?
  • Setting up a Delaware corporation
  • PodTech gets $5.5 mill
  • SixApart gets $12 mill, 3rd round, has to sell for $300 – 500m?

As always, our Intro / Outro music “D24″ courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker.

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  • 5 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #96 – 2web crew #2

    1. Pressed the new button and got page can not be displayed. Whats up? But was able to download like before. Also haven’t been able to get to advaita pod casts? Like your stuff Cameron never a boring moment.

    2. Hey dudes!

      Just a quick comment; I enjoyed the show as always, but realistically, 5 people might be pushing it a little over the top. It got a bit chaotic to listen to at times.

      And um…I think you’ve used up the entire year’s allotment of the word “play” (as in “media play”, “pure internet play”, yada yada) just in this episode. *grin*

      But minor nits, really. TPN rulez!! I’m even gonna break down, pull my finger out, and go vote at podcast alley (even though I think that stuff is meaningless!). I can throw my boyz a bone, since you ask so nice.


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