On today’s show, Richard Giles and I talk about:

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  • 8 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #98!

    1. Hey dudes…just a Second Life-related comment. There ARE, in fact, already “mafias” in Second Life; it’s a pretty popular subculture in several of the social MMORPGs like Second Life, There, and The Sims Online. They’re pretty childish for the most part (partially b/c a lot of them are probably, um, children), and they do indeed run extortion rackets, have gang wars, etc. (Extortion and protection is mainly via threatening “griefing”-style attacks where they disrupt your play as a group. And yeah, they get in trouble for it.)

      Some of their antics are fairly amusing, though…they can get pretty into it. The Second Life Herald keeps track of mob doings pretty well: Mafias, gangs, and virtual government posts

    2. Fughedaboudit! I am not a kid, but yes most Mafia’s are kiddie groups. Most Mafia’s are merely social clubs. Wannabe’s who just hang out or go around terrorizing people. My group is the ONLY group that keeps it real and is not just a “social club.” I didn’t make the cover of CNN Technology for running a “kiddie Mafia.”

      Jeremy Chase
      aka Marsellus Wallace (Second Life)
      Founder/Boss, The Sim Mafia

    3. One last comment… You asked the question can you kill people in Second Life or extort people?? Yes you can. In fact, I am one of the few players that can literally whack someone. The game has no death, but that’s why I am infamous. I figured out ways around that lame shit. See my services section and if you want more details, e-mail me.

      Jeremy Chase
      aka Marsellus Wallace (Second Life)
      Founder/Boss, The Sim Mafia

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