G’Day World “On The Pod” #39 – Anthony Joseph

Hey Folks! I’m very excited about this show, even more excited than usual. This week I’ve got an interview with my good mate Anthony Joseph! Now, Anthony, or AJ as he’s known by his many friends, was a colleague of mine at Microsoft. He worked there 15 years in all and was highly respected by everyone – especially by his customers. AJ was one of the most experienced account managers at Microsoft and had a string of “firsts” to his name – not just with Microsoft in Australia, but with Microsoft worldwide. For example, the very first “Enterprise Agreement” Microsoft ever sold was one AJ structured with our largest telco in Australia. He was also the first person in Australia to take the entire Board of Directors of a leading Aussie company (our largest retailer) over to Redmond for a sit-down with the bosses. Now, when you realize it’s a 24 hour journey from Melbourne to Redmond, you may appreciate what kind of an event that is.

Anyway, in his last couple of years at Microsoft, AJ lead the development of a consultative sales program called the ‘i360″ which was a world first and has had a significant impact on the way Microsoft account teams can add value to their enterprise customers. AJ has since retired from Microsoft and is in the process of writing a book on his sales process.

He is also – get this – one of the co-founders and a director of a Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Melbourne which was opened by the Dalai Lama a couple of years ago, a long-term practicioner of yoga, and attended an experimental secondary school in Melbourne called “ERA” where he practically NEVER attended class.

These stories and more on this show.

2 thoughts on “G’Day World “On The Pod” #39 – Anthony Joseph

  1. Great interview Cam (see, now that you have dumped that Mick guy, its onward and upward. Are we looking at the next Ray Martin or Mike Moore. 😉 ).

    On a couple of points. My first real computer was a Mircobee. Loved it. Had a great version of a Star trek type game. Wish I could get my hands on it. Also had an adventure game called House which was based on Frankienstein. Also had this at school (primary school) and we were so estactic when we cracked it. As I learnt a small piece of basic coding, one of my favourite tricks setting a non stop loop that just put out random ASCII characters to the screen. It looked like the computer was about to blow up.


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