Welcome to the long-awaited interview with Mr Marketwatch himself – the inimitable Frank Barnako!

We originally recorded an interview with Frank Jr back in March but the recording got screwed up beyond belief, but Frank was generous enough to give us a re-match. We chat with Frank about his career (although we didn’t get into much of his past successes on this show… we got a lot more info on the 1st try… we’ll have to get him on again… ) at Marketwatch and about his perspective on podcasting. Frank’s been in journalism and radio for ages, so he’s got some wisdom, baby! Despite what some have said, Frank does indeed “get” it. As he responded to Doug Kaye recently:

I come to praise podcasts. Not bury them.

Here’s his mini-bio:

Frank Barnako has co-founded three Internet ventures, including CBS MarketWatch.com where he’s managed the company’s Washington unit and launched the company’s radio network four years ago. The Network provides newscasts twice an hour, seven days a week to 240 stations, making it the largest business radio network in the U.S. Affiliates include WTOP Washington, WINS New York and WBBM Chicago.

He is also the editor of Internet Daily, the oldest column about the business of the Internet, which he has written since 1996. A daily audio version of the column is also distributed by the CBS Radio network.

Prior to his involvement with the Internet, Barnako had careers in radio and television broadcasting and management.

Simultaneously, he has indulged entrepreneurial instincts by launching a number of businesses. He has lived in Great Falls, Va. since 1975. Frank is married to Donna, an internationally known textile and jewelry designer.

Thanks again to Frank for giving us his time and I hope you all enjoy the show!
And thanks to Mick for making it to the studio on time! 🙂