Suw Charman is the Producer of BlogOn2005 which is happening at the Copa-Copacabana hotel in NEW YORK CITY on October 17 and 18, and she took some time our of her very busy schedule to chat with me about the agenda for the event. This is not going to be your usual “blogger love-in”, where A-list bloggers give each other the secret handshake and the rest of the crowd whimper and kowtow.

I guess now that Jason and Dave are mega-MEGA rich, we will have to kowtow to their body doubles in future?

Anyway… As I was saying, BlogOn isn’t one of THOSE events. This is an event for regular business people who want to understand what the hell they should be doing about this social media phemonenon that they keep hearing about.

BlogOn features some amazing speakers, including David Weinberger, Seth Godin, Steve Rubel, and some guy who likes to wear Elvis sunnies.

So, if you’re ready to find how social media is going to affect your business, reserve your place now.

You can register for BlogOn here.

  • Standard Registration (after September 15, 2005): $1,495
  • One Day Rate: $795 each day
  • G’DAY WORLD listeners can use the Discount Code “BLOGSPK” to get a special rate of $695!

    (All prices are in US dollars).

    Oh, and by the way, this show was recorded using Skylook, the awesome cool plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, based in Melbourne Australia.