00:00 Sponsor advertisement: Frank Arrigo and show intro 02:40 Buzz Bruggeman, CEO, Activewords says G’Day 03:13 David Geller, CEO, WhatCounts Inc.

BlogUnit provides a cost-effective, rack-ready appliance that is tuned to network security requirements and can be up-and-running in 15 minutes. Corporate bloggers find an easy-to-use and fully-featured platform to author, manage, measure, deliver, and syndicate this powerful new form of communication.

07:47 Buzz Bruggeman, Robert Scoble, Andy Ruff and Shel Israel say G’Day 09:27 Joe Kraus, CEO, JotSpot

JotSpot makes simple web applications simple to build by combining wikis and web applications in an easy-to-use hosted service for workgroups.

12:57 Garth Moulton, Co-Founder, Jigsaw Data Corporation

Jigsaw is an online business contact marketplace where people can buy, sell and trade business contact information.

15:28 Karl & Heidi, Pluck

A free tool for managing all of your regular online activities

18:47 Philip Nelson, Senior Director of Video Marketing, NewTek

The TriCaster replaces several pieces of video-production gear, including a video switcher and the transcoder needed to convert standard video output for Webcasting

22:42 Scott Jarr, VP, Product Marketing, LiveVault

LiveVault InSync is the disk-based online backup and recovery service that delivers fast, easy, 100% reliable backup, offsite protection and recovery—eliminating the risks and failures inherent to tape backup.

26:34 Peter Sisson, CEO, Teleo

Teleo provides Internet telephony applications that bridge the gap between your computer desktop and regular telephones and cell phones.

29:57 Robin Hopper, President, iUpload

The latest release of iUpload’s Application Suite brings tight integration between blogs and content management, allowing you to take full advantage of the blog phenomenon at a corporate level to connect and stay connected with employees, customers, partners or other key constituencies.

32:51 Neil Greer, CEO, Impact Engine

Use Impact Engine to create & distribute agency quality multimedia presentations, track hot leads and send personalized e-marketing campaigns.

33:52 David Beckham, PhotoLeap

Photoleap enables the sending of an unlimited number of high resolution digital photographs to anyone with an email address in the same manner in which you send them an email, but without any of the traditional limits of email.

36:56 Richard Bullwinkle, Senior Director of Product Marketing & Chief Evangelist, Mediabolic

Mediabolic® develops products and services to revolutionize how consumers enjoy digital entertainment in the home.

41:12 Chris Matters, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s commercial manager, discussing Digital Monkey‘s product “In The Chair”

In the Chair gives budding musicians and music lovers the thrill of playing in a virtual Symphony Orchestra. In the Chair provides users with a first person audiovisual perspective allowing them to see and hear from their chosen seat in the orchestra. By plugging a microphone into a computer, the software’s artificial intelligence engine provides realtime feedback on their performance and encouragement to correct their mistakes.

47:15 Phillip Williamson, CEO, Intelledox

Intelledox is a scalable enterprise application that facilitates the creation and management of the simplest to most complex documents.

50:57 David Monteith, Managing Director, Sonaptic

The Sonaptic 3D Audio Engine is the culmination of over 12 years of research and development by the company’s founders. Using patented methods and with a background in the music and games industries, Sonaptic’s team have developed the world’s leading 3D Positional Audio technology, capable of faithful reproduction of multi-channel audio – even when sound paths pass through 3D space around the listener.

53:24 Joe Harris, Vice President of Marketing, Orb Networks

Orb gives you secure access to the digital media on your home PC through a simple web interface. Orb streams your content safely to virtually any internet-connected device.

57:32 John Riedl, Executive Chairman, SigNav

The SigNav product range provides all the tools that you need to evaluate, develop and design embeddeded GPS solutions at the PCB, equipment, subsystem and system level.

01:01:24 Jim Young, co-founder and co-CEO, Jambo Networks

Jambo Networks is the first company to design technology to let you see these invisible opportunities, letting people who share something in common to directly find each other and network face-to-face, when they want to.

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