G’day World Podcast :: Show #7

note: sorry for the quality of the first few minutes of this podcast…technical difficuties…a plug i think 🙁

0:00 Network Intro

0:15 Opening theme from Spruiker and show intro

1:45 We talk about why we haven’t done a show in a while

5:00 Let’s get The Podcast Network news out of the way

16:10 Fill out the Podcast Survey dammit!

17:24 New channels coming up…

18:47 One of us went to DEMO@15

19:50 Other conferences we want to go to this year

21:00 Wrap-up from the Hill & Knowlton Aussie Blogging Breakfast

26:10 Blogtalk Downunder

28:30 Cancelling Hotmail is a BITCH

37:00 Cancelling a VISA with “Which Bank?” is also a BITCH

40:15 Fred Durst vs Gawker Media

43:00 Our ruined interview with Dan Gillmor, Apple lawsuits, Kazaa

48:58 Mobile Porn

51:30 One of us has been invited to MSN Search Champs V2

53:30 Gnomedex 5.0

54:15 Update on Desktop Search engines

59:00 William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”

Listen as Cameron talks to himself, while my audio drops out for 3 minutes 🙂

1:02:20 Update on 100 Bloggers book

1:03:05 Mick’s AIBO


1:04:08 Out robot masters will make us suffer for this


1:05:50 Show wrap-up

1:07:30 Music exit…this episode…Macedonian folk music 🙂

9 thoughts on “G’day World Podcast :: Show #7

  1. Hei – I missed your show so much, that I even was sad that it ended after only 70 min!

    How am I supposed to promote your show to radio and tv over here, if you only do it once a month? 🙂

  2. Just hit the 20min mark and excited to hear about the AFL show. You can’t get enough of this stuff!

    In the category of: You never know if you never ask. Have you ever thought of asking someone like Rex Hunt to host a fishing show? He has a website. His fishing show goes away over the winter and perhaps if you held his hand you could some how get a show up. I guess this is a long shot but if it got up it would be huge (and I believe that a fishing show would probably be a good one!).


  3. Hey Guys, Glad to hear you again!

    Cam, about your Hotmail, I found a really cool little app for windows that allows you to pick up your hotmail via your POP3 mail application (Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) So you can at least use your Hotmail account until next year without having to check it all the time!

    Hotmail Popper!

    Maybe the fella will give you a few licenses to give away if you plug his prog. 🙂


  4. thanks for the feedback folks!

    Nicole – I promise we will do another show soon!
    Molly – do we really want to take responsibility for launching Rex Hunt on the world?? And re the porn show, are you offering??
    Krash – thanks but I think Hotmail is dead as far as I’m concerned! Especially with the 2+gb the nice kids at Gmail have just given us!

  5. hey guys, the comm bank story was like a flash back – its taken me ten years!!! literaly. in the end by a miscalculation of a pay out figurei ended up with 23 cents in credit. I though that it was done and i could finally get on with my life, but no now i get a three monthly statement telling me i have 23 cents. I laugh out loud as i hold the envolope and the statement- i sure bet that each one costs way more than 23 cents!! now it has become my monthly joke to myself, i get it open it look at teh statement –still got 23 cents– then throw it straight into the recycle…. it has been three years now!

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