My mother just emailed me a link to this video about using "bump keys" to open locked doors. As interesting as the video itself is, the point is this: MY MOTHER sent me a link to something on Google Video! Surely that’s a sign of a tipping point? (I think the Book of Revelation also had something to say about what happens when your mother sends you a link to Google Video… I think it’s one of the signs).

This makes me think of an argument I’ve been having lately with a bunch of MSM people. It’s this idea of "watercooler chat" media. There’s this idea, which may be true in part, in the minds of the mainstream media that we (their audience) have some Maslowian need to all watch/read/listen to the same thing so we can talk about it the next day around the watercooler, like we are so pathetically desperate for some sense of social identity that we need to rely on Big Brother to feel whole.

I’ve been explaining that this isn’t what happens when I catch up with my friends for coffee. Our conversations go more like this:

"Hey have you seen that clip from The Daily Show where Sam Jackson was talking about why he made Snakes On A Plane?"

"No, I haven’t. Shoot me the link!"

"Yeah I will."


"Hey have you seen the Urban Ninja videos on YouTube? This crazy kid who can seriously run up a wall?"

"No, getthefeckouttahere. Shoot me the link!"

"Yeah totally."


"Hey have you heard that new podsafe track that James Brown put up on PMN?"

"No way dude! James muthafucking Brown??? SHOOT ME THE LINK!"

"Ow! I feel good!"

Now that even my 59 year old mum, born and bred and still living in Bundaberg (rural Queensland, about as far behind the modern world as you can get without going to Uganda… I think even Bono is petitioning the IMF for debt relief and cheap AIDS vaccines for Bundaberg), is flicking me the coolest Google Video links, I think we can safely say the era of "one-size-fits-all" media is coming to a close.