God it shits me when the media in this country go apeshit over someone because of their sporting prowess. Ian Thorpe has retired from competitive swimming. Frak, with the blanket media coverage this morning you’d think peace had been declared in the middle east. Actually I don’t think that would get this much press.

Channel 7’s Sunrise show has declared it “Thorpe Day”. Get over it people. He can swim. Yeah – pretty fast. Great. Wonderful. Do you realize he kicks his feet for a living? That’s it. That’s his contribution to the world. Kicking his really big feet fast. Is this reason to get all slobbery over him like teenage girls at a Robbie Williams concert?

Bigger news this morning is that Robert Altman died aged 81. He directed 87 films and TV shows since 1951, including classics such as MASH, McCabe and Mrs Miller, Nashville, The Player, Short Cuts (I still fondly remember Julianne Moore’s full frontal doing the ironing)… oh and Popeye. Altman was Mr Ensemble. He had the ability to pull together a large cast of character actors and bring them together into a cohesive ensemble. If you haven’t seen those films, treat yourself this weekend.