I’m amused and bemused this morning by the reports all of the Aussie news services are running about how much twitter bashing Gretel Killeen copped while hosting the Logies last night. BTW, The Logies, for international readers, is a totally lame annual Australian television industry awards ceremony. Personally, I would rather eat my own underwear than watch it. But apparently some Aussies did and they expressed their disappointment in the show, not by turning it off and reading a frakking book, but by bashing the hostess on Twitter. However the news services running that story this morning (most of whom seem to have just republished the AAP story – hey, who needs journalists when you can use AAP?) seem to be reluctant to mention that names of the people bashing Gretel and just refer to them as “one user said” – unless, of course, the Twitterer was a celebrity, such as Wil Anderson or the Chaser guys. Then they get name checked, but no link to their tweets.

What do you think this means? If you’re an ordinary citizen, it’s alright to quote you but not to mention who you are? Or link to your tweets? Is it because the news services think writing something like

@khushee said: “Gretel mentions Twitter – if only she knew what was being said!”


@amileegrant said “Bedtime. I’m over this sad attempt at an awards show. Yawn. Hope gretel gets drunk and falls over and her dress rips off on stage.”

would be too confusing to the non-Twittering public? Or just because they news services don’t think it matters who the non-celebrity Twitterers are?

Celebrity culture – I frakking hate it.