An interesting article in the Washington Post today, written by a Catholic, which calls for the impeachment of Pope Benedict. I’d like to see this go one step further – the Catholics, and all other religious sects, should be forced to abide by the same laws as any other business. That means abolishing any practice which is discriminatory on the grounds of gender or sexual preference. That means mens rea charges are brought against them for inciting their “flock” to commit crimes (which is exactly what the Pope is doing when he instructs men in Africa not to use condoms) or for helping child molesters in your ranks avoid charges being brought against them for their crimes, thereby allowing them to continue committing them.

Calling yourself a religion should no longer be a get out of jail free card for criminal behaviour.

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Let’s start a movement within the Catholic Church to impeach Pope Benedict XVI and remove him from office. While we’re at it, let’s replace him with a woman.

I am a Catholic and the idea that such a man is God’s spokesperson on earth is absurd to me.

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