On Thursday the 6th of September, at 10am SL time, there will be a meeting in the amphitheater in Arsheba Academy Campus, Evenstar region in Second Life, where a bunch of disillusioned SLers will be talking to the media about the growing list of problems they see appearing in Second Life, including: Camping, Traffic System, Search, Linden, Privacy and Security, Anshe Chung, increasingly intrusive policies, failure to fix bugs instead focusing on fluff features, the general hijacking of what WE created, dictatorship, and interfering and competing against businesses here when their job is to provide the infrastructure racket, a level playing field, steadily declining server performance, bandwidth, and all but cookie-cutter support.

I would attend but it’s 4am AEST and I’ve got an important meeting in the morning I have to be fresh-faced and bushy-tailed for (which is hard enough for me at the best of times at that hour of the morning).

It certainly seems like a lot of old-timer SL people I meet in-world these days are growing tired of the long list of problems that Linden seem to be allowing / encouraging.

I have been forwarded a transcript of a recent chat session held by a group of disaffected SLers and it’s a long, long list.

These are people who are SL’s biggest supporters – hard core SLers who have spent an enormous amount of time and energy invested in making Second Life what it has become. I hope the Linden folks attend tomorrow’s meeting and take the concerns of their citizens seriously. It would be a shame to see SL self-destruct.