One of the secrets I learned a few years ago was that it’s the questions you ask yourself in times of adversity that determine your paradigm.

For example, when the shit hits the fan, my previous programmed response was to think

"Oh you idiot, how could you let this happen?"

"You shouldn’t have done x, y or z. Why didn’t you do a through d like so-and-so told you?"

 "How could this happen to me? How could he or she do that to me?"

From these questions, a domino effect happens of victim mentality. The thoughts that follow are all pity party thoughts. It’s a simple biological reaction. The neurons in the brain that are associated with fear and flight stimulate each other. One you trigger one of them, a predictable chain of event occurs.

And then suddenly, out of the blue, one day my questions changed. Since that time, when the shit hits the fan, I ask myself:

"How can I use this as an opportunity?"

"How can I benefit from this?"

"How can I profit from this new information?"

"What unpleasantness has this event rescued me from?"

And my favourite:

"What would Napoleon do?"

Again, the neurons in the brain that are associated with creativity, discipline and passion also stimulate each other. Trigger one of them and watch what happens. It’s simple biology.