Okay so my trip to the US is confirmed. I’m arriving in LA on Oct 22 to attend the Digital Hollywood conference and then heading down to San Fran on Oct 25 or 26. I’ll be presenting at the ANZA TECH conference from Oct 30 – Nov 1 and then sticking around in SF until Thanksgiving. I’m doing the trip on an extreme budget so I’m looking for people to stay with while in SF. I’ll be bringing a sleeping bag. Just need any old floor. And wifi. 🙂

The Anza Tech conference is on in Sunnyvale, so something close to that would be handy.

Any takers? Please email me.

Also looking for advice on getting a mobile phone SIM card to use while I’m there. In the past I’ve bought a pre-paid T-Mobile card but they are BLOODY expensive. There has to be a better way. It’s just for finding people when I’m out and lost.

Anyone who wants to catch up with me while I’m over there, just drop me a line. Especially if have lots of money to invest in a podcast network or you want to be part of the TPN US management team.