Molly Wins a $50 Amazon Voucher

I’m pleased (kind of) to announce that Molly Malone of has won the $50 Amazon voucher for my competition around promoting G’Day World on your blog. Congratulations to all of the other entrants…. Miriam. Next time I’ll have a rule that you can’t do what Molly did and promote the site by suggesting that there were photos of Britney Spears nude on my site. That’s just WRONG. Molly, email me for your prize details dude! I hope you use it to by a copy of “The God Delusion” buy Richard Dawkins. Actually, I might just send you a copy of that instead of the voucher, whaddya reckon?

8 thoughts on “Molly Wins a $50 Amazon Voucher

  1. Paris is/was #1 news search in 2006 with no Britney, however in Australia Britney ranks (#8) better than Paris in Dec 2006?! The Canadians have Britney at #1 in Dec 2006, what are they thinking! The only country with some style in Dec 2006 was the UK with Angelina at #7.

  2. Britney was and in fact is getting more popular. It was a very interesting experiement in the human condition. Lets just say that Britney nude is a popular idea.

    Now just to clear this up, no where in the post do I say I have or that the link contained Nude Photos or videos of Britney! I just mentioned that I (as many others would)would like to see a Britney Sex video or Britney Nude.

    I also had a link on the page. The Link was:
    I had it titled “Press here” never did I say that there was a video behind it.

    It should also be noted the other contestant used a similar tactic, just not as cleaverly as I did!

  3. I’m lodging a formal complaint.
    I’ve just spent the last hour trying to find the Britney pics but you have hidden them.
    NO FAIR !!!!!!

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