5 thoughts on “More G’Day World feed problems

  1. Looks like some sort of redirector/dns issues. When it goes into iTunes, it initially comes up with the address to your iTunes feed, then it changed the Digi photo feed.

    I would suggest contacting the TPN Support and possibly iTunes Podcast Support to identify the issue. Especially since it only seems to be occuring on iTunes, it may be iTunes’ DNS records that are causing issues.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Yes apologies for that rather big glitch. The DPS rss feed director was added to the GW rss feed – who did it? Dunno, another case for Columbo, but at least its fixed now.

  3. I didn’t realise I had missed a couple of shows til I noticed I didn’t have GW in my iTunes anymore (thought you were having a break this week since we had a public holiday!)
    I resubscribed and got everything from #230 on so kept my DP til I listened to #229 then unsubbed (sorry, not that into photography right now!) Didn’t get the later GW shoes on DP though…
    Resubbing seems to have fixed it.

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