5 thoughts on “My Free Will Flowchart

  1. Sorry Cam, tried to read this flowchart by copying it to picture manager and resizing but it’s too blurry to make out. Anywhere I can get a readable version? BTW, enjoyed your most recent Advaita show with Mr Witt, no fundamentalism in sight! Thanks

  2. Your flow chart, seems to me, that it assumes that the activity of the brain is a closed system. Whereas the brain has all kinds of stimulii interacting with it thru our senses. These stimulii impose new processes which the brain needs to integrate and thus able to CHANGE the course of an ongoing chemical process.

    ALL THE BEST..eugeno

    1. Hi Eugeno, the flow chart certainly isn’t trying to make that assumption at all. Of course the brain isn’t a closed system and yes, external stimuli “enters” the brain through a variety of chemical processes which, in turn, react with the chemical processes in the brain. But all of these events are governed by the laws of chemistry and therefore there remains no room for any such thing as ‘free will’.

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